So last monday, I had just got back from my very first festival. I decided to go hard or go home and selected Reading as my first one, this was mainly because of how popular it is - all my friends wanted to go, it's only an hour from where I live and I liked most of the bands playing. Nothing could have really prepared me for the festival life, I knew that I had to just get there and experience it for myself and bloody hell what an experience it was! 

Camping or even glamping for 5 whole days is an absolute struggle and a half, having little access to showers and water facilities made the whole duration difficult. I think what I found the hardest was not being able to use clean toilets, we had to take our own loo roll with us each time we wanted to go and the toilets were such a trek from my campsite (Yellow camp) that I found myself holding it in or even worse squatting in a muddy field and drunkenly pissing all over myself. 

Festivals/holidays really do test your friendships with people, just think about it you are with your friends 24 hours a day for 5 days, you won't always want to do the same things nor will you want to see the same bands/acts as them. Make sure that you go with people who have similar musical interests as you, otherwise you might miss out on seeing some of your favourite bands. 

Another tip : Take loads of glitter and by loads I mean shit loads! At festivals people tend to go crazy with their makeup so don't be afraid to stand out. Order loads of stick on gems, bright blue eyeliners and go mental kids.

Abbie was our glitter artist for the weekend and is seen recreating a similar bold look on Megan's face.

So obviously I took loads of 'pre-reading' outfit selfies to help me decide what to wear for each day, this really helped me to stay organised at the festival because I wasn't pulling my hair out wishing that I had brought different outfits that went better together. 

Knee high socks:

(Same outfit different rainmac)

Rain poncho:

                                                   Rainmac: See above
Shorts: See above
Rose gold lumee case:

Vest top :

Skirt :

Despite all of the dramas and hardships that Reading threw at me, I still managed to have a decent time. I just know for the future that maybe 5 whole days isn't for me and maybe I would be better suited to other festivals such as V-fest and Wireless.

 Thank you all for reading, stay tuned for other similar posts coming up very soon

Love Leah x


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