Hello everyone! I am at university!! It feels so good to finally put pen to paper or in this case keyboard to computer, these past 4 weeks have flown by and I have had a whirlwind experience that is difficult to describe. Freshers week will always be one of my most fond and memorable times because I made so many new friends and went out every single night for 5 days. If you know me, you understand that, that is a big deal because usually after one night out I am completely flat out for the next few days.. 

At the beginning I missed home tremendously, but as time goes on you just get on with it and adjust to your new life. You get so wrapped up in your new schedule, new social life and new surroundings that you don't tend to think about home as much as you did at the beginning. Plus for me, my uni (UWE Bristol) is a 40 minute drive from my hometown so my family come to visit me most weekends or I go down to see them which always gives me something to look forward to.

5 things that I took for granted before coming to uni: 

  • Having my meals cooked for me by my mum, at the start I absolutely hated having to cook my own dinner. I am quite a lazy person so having to put stuff in the oven and wait an hour for it to cook didn't sit well for me at all.
Tip : Always cook/make food 30 mins - 60 mins before you know that you will be hungry, that way you won't be starving and waiting for food to cook and you can just heat it up later on. 

  • Having my washing and ironing done for me, although it is week 4 of uni I am still yet to iron a piece of clothing and if that doesn't say it all then I am not sure what does... laziness. I have been quite lucky actually as the times that my parents have came to visit me, they would take my washing home and bring it up a few days later so the first proper wash that I've had to do by myself was today ... only 25 days after starting uni
  • Not having to pay for my groceries, so far I have managed to keep my costs relatively low only spending around £30 which is good. 
Another tip: Don't always buy the most expensive foods, you can usually find cheaper alternatives that are just as good at places such as Aldi, Lidl and sometimes even Asda (smart priced goods). 

  • Good, fast-working wifi, despite paying £79 for the fastest working wifi on campus mine is just as shocking as the free wifi. Imagine all 6 members of your flat trying to watch Netflix at the same time... you can bet your dollar that most web browsers will crash and stop working. The servers can't handle everyone trying to stream movies at the same time and subsequently you get 6 pissed off students. 
  • A TV with Sky movies, at home I was always very much up to date with current affairs such as the news channel, and at uni I honestly have no idea what is going on in the world. You could tell me that millions have people have died from a rare disease and I'd probably believe you... I liked being able to go out and miss one of my favourite programmes, knowing that I have recorded it and can watch it later that week. If I miss something thats not shown on 4od, BBC iplayer or the ITV Hub then I am basically screwed and there is no going back. 
I've joined so many different societies, mainly business related but whether I actually stick to going to the meet-ups is another thing. I have been going to the events society with one of my flat mates and her best friend and so far so good! We are currently planning a fundraiser to raise more money for the society to host events such as festivals and pop up cinemas. I will keep you all posted with my progress and grades etc :) 

Thank you all for reading

Love Leah x


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