Okay so, a little while ago (and by a while I mean 6 months oops), I showed you 5 useful ways that you could do uni on a budget Part 1 and Part 2. A recent article that I wrote for Uwe Hub Voice called "Eating out in Bristol on a budget"  prompted me to delve deeper to explore my culinary taste buds. 

Admittedly, I don't exactly have the best diet (granted) but I figured why not turn these university posts into a series and (try) to write them as regularly as possible. So far, I have covered uni fashion on a budget, my top 10 things to do in Bristol, and an overview of my first year at UWE

So here I give to you a compilation of my favourite cheap places to eat out in Bristol. 

I mean, are you even a UWE student if you haven't heard of Pizzarova before?; situated amongst the hustle and bustle of Gloucester road, Pizzarova is home to the pengest pizza in Bristol. It is known for miraculously curing hangovers and with 20% off for students, you can't really go wrong! The cheapest pizzas range from £5 (with fewer toppings) to £10 (with more toppings). 

And if you find that you cannot eat a whole pizza to yourself then you can go halves with one of your house mates and it will be even cheaper. This makes eating out in Bristol on a budget   even more desirable. 

Maybe you're on the go and want a quick bite to eat in between shopping or on your break from work? Well pop down to Three Brothers at Welsh Back for a spectacular £5 lunch deal where you will get a burger and a portion of chips! Additionally, if you download their app Zapper , first time users get £5 credit which means you can eat for free! 

With riverside views that you cannot beat, you should definitely hurry down to Three Brothers to dine in style and eat out on a budget. 

              3.  Yakinori

Japanese food lovers look no further! I give to you..... Yakinori! Situated on lively Park street, this vibrant, quirky restaurant is complete with an open kitchen and amazing lunch time deals. If you need something quick and on the go then you can grab a chicken katsu or terriyaki box from just £3.99. 

For those of you who are too lazy to leave your student houses, you will be happy to know that Yakinori is also available on the Deliveroo app and they also offer Vegan and Vege options too! 

Maybe student life on a budget isn't so bad after all? 

                         4.  Pieminister 

Picture this, you are out for dinner with 6 of your house mates for one of their birthdays, you happen to pass Pie Minister but the
powdery aroma draws you back in. Then you find out that you will receive a cheeky 10% off with your student card, surely this can't be true you ponder?

Yes folks, you have heard it here first... classic pies will cost you a minuscule £5.95 served with gravy! And that my friends is how you do uni on a budget. 

  Did someone say pies? 

          5. The Canteen 

Arguably, with two food awards beneath their belts, it can be said that The Canteen is the bee's knees in Bristol! Their menu includes a range of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options.

The Canteen is one of Bristol's most vibrant meeting places as it is situated amongst the energetic Stokes Croft area. Prices at this quirky setting range from £5-£10 and include free soup and crusty bread too! Not to mention The Canteen also host's regular live music from many local and creative geniuses. 

Recommended apps 


What better way to check out what your local restaurants/bars and coffee shops have to offer than to use Wriggle! My favourite thing about this app is that it automatically updates with deals closest to wherever you are, so imagine you're strolling down the road with your girls and you see loads of cheap food deals flash up! Absolute heaven!!. The best thing about Wriggle, is that you can visit the creme de la creme of Bris but on a budget.


Another app that we all know and love is Groupon, the infamous app for last minute birthday presents and food deals! We all love a good bargain and if you're planning to go out for food in large numbers then you may want to consider Groupon where you can save yourself some serious £££. 

Groupon has some serious offers right now, like Time Out Kitchen's Two Monster Freakshakes for only £7.50 and Sparkling Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie for just £25! 

Thank you all for the support and for reading my blog posts, I really appreciate it! 

Love Leah xx 


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