Hello everyone! I know I have been a little bit slack with my blog posts lately and I apologise, I am going to try my best with sticking to my target of weekly blog posts (even if they're really short ones) because my response from my previous blog posts has been amazing and I genuinely enjoy writing them!. 

I wanted to make this post a little bit different and more fashion related, I have put together an outfit that is both affordable and fashionable for students on a budget, I hope you enjoy! 

I know for a lot of students this outfit might be deemed "too dressy" and definitely isn't something that I would wear day to day to university. However, I would definitely wear this outfit if I was going out for drinks with my friends or I would wear everything except the faux fur coat to a house party!

Boots: Couldn't find the exact same pair online but found a similar pair from Boohoo for £25 in Size 4.

                              Flares: PLT £20 in Size 8.

Bandeau: PLT £6 in Size 8.

Fur coat: New look £45 (out of stock online) in Size 12 for baggier fit.

                         Photo credits: Luke Humphries 

                         Instagram: lth_films 

                         Facebook: luke humphries

So what do you think of my outfit choice? Is there any pieces that you would pair together differently? If so which? I would love to hear back from you in the comments below. As always thanks for reading!

                       Love Leah x


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