Hello everyone! I am really sorry for not posting for over 3 months, I have been really busy with my coursework at college and sorting out my UCAS application. 

As you may know I am doing a third year at college, studying A2 Religious studies, A2 Photography and AS English. I have applied for university for this September to study Business Management/Marketing. 

At the moment I am looking at going to either UWE Bristol, Gloucestershire or Southampton Solent Uni. Each course varies depending on the uni and I am stuck between doing a Fashion Marketing degree, a standard Marketing degree or Business management with Marketing.

 Luckily, I have 3 months to figure out which course I want to study and which uni I want to go to. 

I turned 19 on Sunday!! God I feel old, can't believe that I am turning 20 next year, it just doesn't feel real at all. I spend my birthday shopping in Cabot with my friend Megan then we went out in the evening which was nice. 

We look like actual predators here ffs
I will be uploading my birthday haul shortly so look out for that!!

Love Leah x


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