This week I visited my nearest Superdrug store and bought a few beauty products, including my favourites...false lashes!
I also received two sets of false lashes in the post yesterday and wanted to share them with you. 

I have used the Chelsea lashes by Backstage beauty on many occasions and because they were so popular, I had to pre order some more. As the shipment took longer than expected the company kindly set me an additional pair of lashes (Essex) for free! I haven't tried out the Essex lashes before and I am really excited to see if they can replace my absolute favourite Chelsea Lashes.

I first heard of this brand from a famous Youtuber LoveLaughandMakeup otherwise known as Sabrina, who uses the Vegas lashes in many of her videos. I quickly became obsessed with this brand and rarely change companies unless I haven't had the chance to order a pair and I am going on a night out, then I'll quickly nip to Boots and get whatever is there.
 My absolute holy grail!! I cannot speak more highly of these lashes, they draw so much attention to my eyes and I often get many compliments from strangers on nights out about what falsies that I use! I tend to go over the lashes with a coat of mascara to make them appear more natural, although it isn't necessary. 

I have used the Eylure No 100 lashes before and they were actually really hard to apply! It usually takes me a few minutes to apply false lashes once I've done my eyeliner and mascara, however in this case I had to ask my sister to apply them for me because the falsies are curved and I couldn't get them to fit my eyes properly. Nevertheless I thought that I would give them another go because my eyelashes did look nice afterwards! 

I am so so excited to try out these lashes! My sister uses the other Vegas lashes in Easy Elegance and shouts her praises for them all of the time, I chose these lashes because they look very voluminous and lengthy which I adore! Superdrug currently has a deal on the Eylure lashes buy one get a second half price which I think is a really good deal if you wear falsies alot - like myself.

This was only a short blog post guys, stay tuned for more hauls and beauty/lifestyle related posts coming soon...

If you have any tips, tricks or blog posts that you want to see me do then please comment below

Thank you for reading

Love Leah x


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