I turned 19 on February 14th 2016, I had the best birthday and I've still got loads of celebrating left to do with my friends and family! 

DISCLAIMER: I am not by any means showing off about what I received, I am very grateful for all of my presents and I like seeing what other people get for their birthdays ( I am very nosy haha!). 

I have been using this brush for the past 2 days and I would recommend it so highly, I usually find doing my eye shadow so tedious because it takes ages but this crease brush has made it 10x easier, it glides across my lids and creates the perfect smokey eye. 

This brow brush is perfect for highlighting underneath my brow bone! I love it so much

Danni & I on New Years Eve

           My sister very kindly got me these two lush phone cases :)

Charlie Perfume and Spray from my Grandparents

Boux Avenue does the nicest underwear

Urban Outfitters Men's Shirt Medium

Cute keep sake from Grandma & Grandad

I was also very lucky to receive money, harry potter world tickets - I'm a massive fan!, underwear, and bed clothes

Thank you so much for reading

Love Leah x


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