Hello everyone! I have finally come to the realisation that I am really bad at blogging, I continuously find myself abandoning my blog for months on end and thinking 'I will write a blog post tomorrow it's okay' and then it NEVER happens. So here I am, back again. I thought that I would explain to you where I have been for the past 2 months before I get into anything else. As you may know I am currently in college studying for my A-levels, my first exams are in May and the rest in June. Lately, I've been frantically working on my photography exam prep as my exam starts next week. I am also resubmitting some of my business coursework from last year because I was only a few weeks off a B overall and as I am going to be studying Business management with Marketing at Uni, I thought that it was worthwhile re-taking to get the best grade possible.

I've been so stressed out lately because I know that I am going to have to work my ass off to get into UWE in September, although I only need 300 UCAS point (around 3 B's) I am still panicking that I will not achieve this. Bristol is only a 40 minute drive from my house so it would be very convenient living near home and popping back home at the weekends to see my friends.

I have only just recently got back from my 2 week vacation, I spent 4 days in New York and 11 days in St Martin/Anguilla which is situated in the Caribbean. I haven't been to New York in 10 years and that was only just for the night, whilst stopping over on the way to Anguilla. Going sight seeing on the Big Bus tours of Uptown and Downtown New York honestly made my trip amazing! Visiting some of the places in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Upper east side where Gossip girl was filmed was the highlight of my trip. We went on a Hornblower cruise across from Brooklyn to Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty. I didn't realise how big the Statue of Liberty was up close!

I spent most of my trip in New York with a nasty cold, I had to wrap up in like 10 layers of clothes that didn't even match!! Looking 'good' wasn't my aim, keeping warm and not freezing to death was.
I was surprised to see that the fashion in New York wasn't as 'amazing' as I had once imagined. When I picture New York fashion, I see women draped head to toe in accessories, wearing tall stilettos with a warm beige midi dress, a long black waterfall coat and a fancy designer handbag. To my surprise, I saw women in faded blue jeans, a plain tee, Nike trainers and a thick black coat.

The chaotic New York city

( Me and my sister on the Cruise) 

Horse and Carriage ride around Central Park

When its raining so you whip out the ponchos

Only in New York...

The nicest Italian food in New York

Ground Zero

Having our photos drawn by a street artist

Pictured : Left- Me, Right- Jess

 My next blog post will be a HUGE makeup haul of everything that I have purchased in New York and in St Martin

                                       Thank you so much for reading

                                             Love Leah x


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