Hi everyone! I can't believe that my latest blog post was dated back to December last year, I am sooo bad at this blogging malarkey but I vow to try and get back into the swing of things. Lately I have been suffering from writers block and although I had loads of new ideas for content on here, I couldn't find the time or words to sit down and express all of it to you guys. So for that I apologise, and now lets jump straight into the topic for todays blogpost......UNIVERSITY! 

So some of you may know that I have just finished my first year of uni at UWE Bristol, I can hand on heart say that I have had a blast and met some of the nicest people that I will be friends with for a very long time.  I received my results from Year 1 today, and I kind of had an idea what they would be based on my progress throughout the year. 

For those of you who don't know I study BA Business Management with Marketing and I am pleased to announce that I scored 68.13% as my average for the year, which translates as a high 2:1. I was a bit gutted at first that I didn't get a 1st (70%) just because I know how close I was to getting it and I wanted for once to prove to myself that I am intelligent and can achieve anything that my little heart desires hahah. 

Nevertheless I am still very proud of myself and whilst I know that Year 1 doesn't count towards my final grade for the end of my degree, I know that achieving a 2:1 puts me in a good position to apply for placements in third year. As you need to have at least a 2:1 or 1st in Year 1 to do placement. 

Now onto the nightlife.... Bristol is one of the busiest, most expensive cities to live in, in the UK. But who really cares when you have the likes of Motion and Lakota on your doorstep??? Not I 

One thing that I really love about Bristol is the vast, diversity of people that you will come across, everyone is so unique yet their hearts are filled with gold. In other words, you can walk down to your local shops wearing a bright yellow neon skirt with makeup everywhere at 3pm on a Monday afternoon and no one will bat an eyelid (trust me, I've tried this before), hahaha no really I am joking but I have definitely gone to the shops on campus wearing pajamas and no one has looked at me twice. That my friends is the BEAUTY of Bristol... and if that hasn't swayed you enough to transfer uni's to UWE then you can doing it COMPLETELY WRONG. 

I officially moved out of halls two weeks ago and I haven't felt the same since....

I know what you're all thinking, why is she being so dramatic right? Wrong, when you've gone to uni yourself and lived in halls for a year I guarantee that you will feel a similar way. I think for me, more so than anything it is the convenience of it all that makes me miss it so much, if you're lazy like I am and prefer living 2 minutes from all of your friends flats, the campus shops, the gym and lectures then you will understand the pain that I am enduring.

However living on campus means living so far away from town and the night life in Bris, which results in paying ridiculous prices for Ubers and Taxis. I mean who do the taxi drivers think they are?? We are students, not millionaires and I struggle to understand how they can justify charging £20 to drive 10 minutes into town... 

But next year I will be living in a house which is half way between town and uni with 5 overly hormonal, dramatic, & hilarious gals. It is safe to say that Bristol won't know whats hit it...

(Yeah and I bet you've heard that one before)

So far I am only one year into my degree so I cannot comment on the rest of my years yet but at the moment, it has definitely been worth going to UWE. For someone who 3 years ago would have never considered university as an option, I have come a long way and feel like I have made the right choice. In regards to my degree course, I do kind of wish that I picked either English Literature or Philosophy instead just because I have a strong interest in both fields and would someday like to become a writer (ahhhh, I've finally said it...theres no going back now Leah). I know that I can always do a Masters in English Lit afterwards if I wish or I can do online courses at home to earn a Diploma in Creative Writing/Blogging. Using this platform to blog regularly will really help me to develop my style of writing and skills set so watch this space haha

Thank you lovely's for taking the time to read my first blog post of 2017!!!! Wow it feels weird writing that, but anyways stay tuned for similar blog posts and if anyone has any feedback or questions please feel free to comment below :) 

Love Leah xx


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