A LETTER TO YOU GIRLS

Growing up in a society where individuals are deemed worthy by the amount of likes that they receive on Instagram honestly baffles me, I often ask myself the question 'Why are we constantly comparing ourselves to unobtainable insta models?' and how will this in anyway, shape or form impact on our happiness?. 

The simple answer that none of you are probably looking for is that it won't and the sooner we begin to accept this, the sooner we can work on bettering ourselves. And no I am not talking about physically, I am  talking about intellectually. You see we all have this great power, its called The Power of the Mind. The Power of the Mind is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, it controls our thoughts and the way that we view others and most importantly ourselves. 

If we as woman (and men of course) can scroll down our insta feeds and say at least one nice comment about eachother, it can be in your head or outloud it really does not make any difference; the world would be a much happier place. Instead many of us tend to go down the road of destruction and try to rip eacother to shreds in desperate hope that it will give us a small glimmer of satisfaction. Hey, maybe it will for 10 seconds or maybe it will for 2 hours.
But in the long-term sense, what does it solve? Nothing. 

Now I bet many of you are shaking your heads in dismay. Come on, own up. I will if you will. We are all human after all and no one is perfect all of the time. Lets not pretend like we haven't seen a tall blonde in a skimpy outfit & heels in Primark strutting her stuff and judged her instantly. While we're at it lets also not forget about the time we nudged our friends and sniggered in her direction. Yes girls sniggering counts too. 

 Like I mentioned earlier we have all done this at some point in our lives and if you especially aren't ready to admit to it then I want you to know that, that is okay too. Not everyone is ready at the same time to openly admit to their mistakes.

My main premise here is that our self-esteem and self-worth problems resonate with us and solely us. No one else will ever be able to fix you, only you have the power to do that. Please don't be afraid to stand out and to be different, if we all were the same it would be incredibly boring and robotic. Now some of you may have perfectly slender, tall model figures which enables you to tower above other people and still look gracious , some of you may have curvy, hourglass figures which gives you a good balance between skinny and curvy. Whilst others I am sure are on the much curvier side with assets that skinnier girls crave for; and that's another thing we are never happy with ourselves. Many skinny girls want bigger boobs and many curvier girls want smaller boobs. 

But come on girls, give yourself some credit here we sure are indecisive but we do mean well.

Right lets start today I want you to go get a pen and some paper, hurry up now, be quick. Okay you've got them??? now I want you to jot down 5 things that you love (yes I said love) about yourself. I have found from my own experience that these things take time and you shouldn't rush them, if you're anything like me and struggle to even think of 2 then ask your friends. I mean thats what they're there for isn't it? 

And on a final note please please please to the younger generation of girls (remember) that having a toned stomach with a massive chest and a big bum does not equal your worth. There is much, much more to a person than the way that they look and if you can realise this sooner rather than later then you are off to a good start. 

Okay one last thing, to reiterate:

  • The perfect body does not measure your worth nor does it equal happiness.
  • Dampening someone else's sparkle will NOT make yours shine any brighter.
  • People only post on Insta what they want you to see, you don't see the blood, sweat and tears that goes behind a perfectly polished person and their body.
  • If you want to change something about your body it has to be your choice and no one elses. 

Thank you for reading my blog post guys! I felt incredibly passionate about this subject and just had to share my new and improved positive mindset, if you have any questions or ideas for future blog posts then please comment them below :)

Love Leah xx


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