Hello Fashionistas!

Today, I am going to be sharing with you some of my October and November favourites!

 Note : I haven't included any outfits or clothes favourites because I decided to do this blog post last minute and the lighting was too bad to photograph proper outfits. If I have time I will shoot some outfit looks for my October + November favourites and add them in at the end :).

I just cannot get enough of this mango & papaya body spray it literally smells like heaven, 
and at £1.48 it is an absolute bargain! (Superdrug) 

This refreshing, summer body spritzer will leave you smelling like strawberries and cream all day!
Also £1.48 from Superdrug.

I recently spotted these in Primark the other week and I knew that I just had to pick them up!
The beautiful silver pattern really caught my eye, and I thought it would look good with my white and black deco in my room. These are going to be used just for decoration but for £1.50 each it really isn't an issue. 

The candles were not included, I bought them from the same place separately.

Two cute candle holders/jars. These can be used for candles, holding sweets etc. 
I loved the look of these jars and thought that they would look so nice on my windowsill.
Both of them together were under £5.00, I am not entirely sure the actual amount separately. 
(From: B&M Bargains) 

This cute, heart candle set is only £1.49!!! 

I am unbelievably OBSESSED with this watch! I got it online from a website called http://www.dresslink.com/ which is a Chinese clothing website. I watched some hauls on Youtube where this website was mentioned so I checked it out and was so surprised with the amount of nice things on there. This item came within 12 days of me ordering it, which is amazing (considering it is coming all the way from China). I think this watch was £3-£4 which is sooo affordable. 
I have been LOVING this Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner recently. I was browsing through YouTube videos when I came across 'MissLoopyLouful's video on her favourite hair products. 
She was saying how Mixed Chicks has done wonders for her hair, and I thought to myself, Hmm I need to try this! This product is an American brand so I had to have it shipped which was quite pricey, however I am so glad that I did! It's brought out my natural curls and eliminated my frizz completely. GIRLS WITH CURLY HAIR I KNOW THE STRUGGLE...BUT YOU NEED TO TRY THIS PRODUCT.  Around £15.00 for product and delivery.

Not really appropriate for winter wear, but you can never have enough sunglasses! 
They look so big on my face ffs, so I doubt that I will be wearing these out alot but I reckon with the right outfit these shades could look smashing! (From: Ebay)
These are what they look like on!

I would pair these boots with leggings, an oversized jacket and a plain black crop top/or a skirt, with tights, a black crop top and a duster coat. 
Every girl needs a pair of these in their wardrobe for the Winter, and at only £12.00 you'd be mad to miss out! (From: Primark)

I am loving this berry lipstick this autumn. It has good pigmentation and smells divine. I would recommend this lipstick to girls who like dark colours that create a dramatic look! This lipstick is long-lasting and doesn't come off after you've eaten food, which is a bonus because I am such a messy eater ahaha. I think this lipstick would look great on any skin tone because it is so versatile and can be worn casually or to an event. 

Shade: 1. Seduction

I wouldn't normally wear a shade this bright but I thought I would try it out. - note: this shade is ALOT brighter in person and has more of an orangey under tone. This shade has a moisturising feel to it and isn't a matte lipstick which I prefer anyway. I think this colour would look great on a darker skin tone (tanned, mixed race. black). The colour lasts a good few hours but will need a top-up every now and then. I bought this from Superdrug for £2.99. 

Shade: 5. Passion Fruit

Swatch Test. 

Brighter shade- Passion fruit (on the left)
Darker shade- Seduction (on the right) 

Now we all know that winter is approaching, so I thought it would be the right time to treat myself to another brown bag to add to my collection. I love that the bag comes with straps so I can decide whether I want to hold it or put it on my shoulder. The vintage leather look straight away caught my attention and I have had a lot of people asking where I bought it from!! I will do an outfit shoot soon with this bag included in it so you lovely people can see it better. 

Hope you are all well, thank-you so much for taking the time to read my blog it means alot. 

Leah x


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