Jubilee Market and Camden Market HAUL

Hello fashionistas!

I have come to the conclusion that I am the worst blogger of all time, due to the fact that I've abandoned my blog for ages. I recall myself saying that I was going to photograph an outfit, that was affordable yet fashionable. I still haven't got round to doing so the past two months have been so busy for me, work, college, social life, work, college.

 Meaning that I have had to postpone the outfit shoot. I have the clothes waiting for me in my wardrobe I just need someone to photograph them for me. I don't want to make any more promises but I will get round to doing so, in the near future (sorry guys).

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the cute little things that I picked up at Covent Garden (Jubilee market) and Camden Market.

(P.s. please excuse the photo quality, the weather was horrendous and I had to use my I phone to take these)

Covent Garden- Jubilee Market. 

Framed butterflies at Jubilee Market.

One of my favourite places ever! 

Tube to Camden.

Arrived in Camden soaking wet. A very cold, Leah and Danni.

Danni in her element in Camden market.

I loved this ring stall, so many different rings to choose from.
Sadly none of these rings fit my tiny little fingers :(

I picked up these two cute little Buddhas for my room, from a market stall in Camden. 
They were £3.00 each but I did a deal with the lady and got 2 for £5.00, this is quite expensive for what they are worth; as you can probably get cheaper ones elsewhere. But I just couldn't resist!! How cute are they ???

             I bought this leather necklace with a tortoise charm, a elephant charm and a star pendant                   charm for £8.00, I think this is an amazing price because I can easily change the charms around whenever I feel like it. 

These items were from Camden I bought this cool bohemian, tribal necklace from an indoor market (Jubilee market) in Covent garden.
 I wasn't particularly keen on the necklace chain but that can easily be changed. I think I paid around £5.00 for this necklace, which is a very good price! The quality of the necklace is amazing and I will definitely be going back there to get the rest of the colours in this print (Pink, Orange and Dark Blue).
           We didn't spend long in Jubilee market, after we browsed we headed to TGI Friday's to get a               bite to eat, before catching the tube to Camden.

                             The cute little ring was around 69p from an Indie Market Stall in Camden.
                             (Please excuse my nails- the varnish has started coming off)

                                       I bought my mum some Vanilla Incense sticks from the same stall as my ring for 89p!!

Camden looks so magical at night.

Wish I could of bought one of these pretty lanterns, but I didn't want it to get broken on the tube.£7.50 for one or 2 for £10.00!! AMAZING.

More Buddhas.... think I am slightly obsessed. 

Blurred photo of Me and The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Hope you are all well, thank-you so much for taking the time to read my blog it means alot.

Leah x


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