He said that he would call you at 10pm, it is now 1am and you are still waiting impatiently for your phone to buzz... girl go to bed. He isn't going to ring you tonight and he probably won't ring you ever, Do not waste your time on someone who can't be bothered to hit you up for a 20 minute chat. Adjust your tiara a little higher and say it loud and clear for the girls in the back now, 'I am worthy of nothing but excellence and this guy is not worthy of me' 

When he texts you in the middle of the night, it is for one thing and one thing only, stop kidding yourself. A guy who only messages you when they want sex is not looking to settle down with you by any means and the sooner that you grasp this concept the better (well for your sanity anyway). So put your phone on do not disturb and air all of his desperate pleads, trust me when I say that it will do you the world of good in the long run. And maybe if you're feeling extra sassy you could even block his number too??? A little too far?? Okay, too much wishful thinking on my behalf then. Lets start with ignoring him and we can assess how well this goes for you

Does he treat you badly? Does he call you every name under the sun and then 5 minutes later apologises like everything is normal? The most sickening thing is that this all sounds too familiar for the majority of females today. This type of behaviour can be referred to as emotional abuse and whilst you continue to make excuses for his actions, you are also contributing to this phenomenon.

But alas, there is something you can do about it, you can simply walk away. I know this may seem impossible in many of your situations but when you take a look at it from the outside you will realise just how toxic it is. Imagine your best friend has been with her boyfriend for 1 year and the past few months his whole character has changed, he's no longer the nice lad that you knew him by. He has turned nasty and vicious and calls her horrible names, you would tell her straight away to walk away from it, wouldn't you? Now ask yourself these questions: 
Why is it any different when its you in that situation? Are you not worthy of the same respect that your best friend is?.  I hope in one way, shape or form this has given you clarity on your situation because when you look at it from a different perspective you realise that you are worth 10000x times the amount that you think you are.  Wake up and smell the coffee, you deserve to be happy and it doesn't matter if you love the guy you need to respect what is okay and what isn't.

Have you found dodgy text messages on his phone from unknown numbers? or random girls? GIRL!! GET RID... NOW.  This is one thing that I particularly have no time for at all, don't even give him the time to explain himself. How can he explain away concrete evidence? You have eyes! You know what you saw! Heck, if he can lie about something like this then what else is he hiding? Has he cheated on you? Who knows, but situations like these lead to you jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst case scenario. You don't need this kind of stress in your life, because as girls when we stress out we tend to take solace in comfort eating and then a whole OTHER PROBLEM escalates. Take my advice here ladies: SACK IT RIGHT OFF AND THEN GET YOUR FINE ASS BACK ON TINDER! 

I hope that I have shed some humour and light on real-life shitty situations, you can take what I say with a pinch of salt or you can wholeheartedly listen to it, that decision lies with you.

Lots of love and remember ladies: stay sassy

Leah xx


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