Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good summer; I recently just got back from America, I went to Dallas to visit some relatives and obviously I went shopping. Today I am going to be showing you some of the beauty items that I bought. 

Now as you may or may not know, I am obsessed with face masks and whenever I spot them in a shop I just have to buy one. I've been dying to try out Sephora's face masks for a while and decided to buy the Rose mask. This face mask smells amazing and left my face feeling soft and smooth for hours after. I will definitely be buying more in the near future!

This Sephora Eye Mask, has massively helped to reduce the bags underneath my eyes. My face felt refreshed and energized after using this mask. I can definitely see myself ordering the Pearl, Honey and Lotus Eye masks too. 

I recently wore these lashes on a night out with my friends and they looked so good! They're easy to apply and create bold, voluminous lashes which I love. For $6 you can't really go wrong.

Now I already own one Sephora lipstick, which I bought earlier on in the year; in Paris. I've been desperate to go back to Sephora to stock up on some more beauty essentials. This red lipstick has pink undertones and can be worn daily or on a night out. It has a moisturising formula, which keeps your lips smooth all day long; it requires touch ups every few hours.

Now for some reason I paid $52.00 for this foundation, however on the Sephora website it is priced at $48.00; I think it may be due to the VAT tax that the stores add on.  I originally wanted the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, however the store didn't have my shade. So I decided to opt for something different and try the All Day Luminous Foundation instead. 

It's safe to say that I had this foundation for under 3 days and already had loads of problems with it. First of all, the long pump that connects to the lid; and that squeezes the foundation out through the tube broke. I tried getting it out with a pair of tweezers but sadly failed. Secondly the cap that screws onto the foundation got caught inside the lid (as you can see below) and the foundation ended up going everywhere...

Thankfully I managed to track down a Sephora that sold the foundation pumps separately and bought a new one for $6.

 In terms of the foundation itself, it is my exact colour match. Honestly it couldn't be any closer to my skin colour, and I am so used to using foundations that are either too dark or too light for me that I was amazed when I found Nars had the right colour for me.
 I love how this foundation looks on my skin, it honestly stays on for hours and I don't need to top it up. One pump is enough to stay on my face for the whole day. The satin matte finish is perfect for all complexions, I will definitely be re-purchasing this! 

I needed a new contour brush that would make application, more accurate. I figured, why not try Sephoras Exclusive Hide and Sleek Skinny Contour Brush???. I have found this brush to be most helpful when contouring the bridge of my nose and my forehead, because I am able to reach smaller areas for seamless blending. This little brush is perfectly sized for travelling and comes with me everywhere I go. I think that the aesthetics look so sleek and Sephora does a really good job of maintaining such a classy, well recognised brand.   

One of my good friends, recommended this product to me and I have been dying to try it out! I got my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil in the shade Dark Brown. Now I usually find drawing my brows on to be a 'chore' and something that I despise doing because it takes so long. But since I've started using the Brow Wiz Pencil, I've been able to lengthen my brows and arch them better. This is by far one of the best eye brow pencils that I have come across, and I would definitely recommend it to beginners or anyone with unruly brows. 

I am wearing :

             Foundation : Nars All Day Luminous Foundation
                    Highlighter (Cream):  MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer
Highlighter (Powder): AC On Tour Kit 
          Contour (Powder): AC On Tour Kit               
             Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz  
              Eye shadow: W7 'In the Buff' Eyeshadow Palette
                     Mascara: Rimmel London'Wonderfull' Mascara                                  Lipstick:  MAC Satin 'Retro' Lipstick                                                     
                 I realise that I've probably missed out a few other beauty products, but I will just add them in at some point. 

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read my blog.
 If they're any other alternative products that I haven't mentioned that you think I should try out; then comment below

Love you all

Leah x


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