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Hello fashionistas!

Today's blog post is going to be an 'everyday makeup' beauty post, I have not done one of these before so I thought it would be nice to share with all of you the beauty products I use everyday, whilst giving a review on each product.

Foundation- No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Honey. £14.50
I love this foundation so much because it has medium coverage, it does not look excessive on my face
and I have found that most people do not realise that I am even wearing foundation. It doesn't come off throughout the day and matches my skin tone perfectly. I use my M.A.C makeup brush to apply my foundation (see below).

Concealer- Collection in 14- Honey beige £1.99
I have been using this concealer for years now and it was one of the first beauty products that I purchased. This product is the perfect solution to getting rid of dark under eye circles and blemishes! The only bad thing I could say about this concealer is that it does not last all day, so you may need to apply some foundation on over the top and powder to ensure that it stays on. ( I have forgotten to include my No7 powder in this blog post but I will do a review of it on my next beauty post).

Primer- NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer (Shade 684) £3.49
I originally bought this primer for my prom makeup last year and I have been using it ever since. I usually use a brush to apply this primer (see below) just after I have put on my nivea (face) lotion. I do like this primer because it makes sure that my foundation stays on all day and evens out my skin tone. I sometimes apply too much primer and it makes my face look really oily oops. The most annoying thing about primer is waiting for it to set for a few minutes before I can apply my foundation. 

Eyeliner- Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner £5.00
I have only been using this liquid liner for the past few months- before I was using Maybelline New york gel liner (£7.99). I have found that liquid eyeliner is much easier to apply to the lids, it creates a smooth finish and takes alot less time. I often don't wait long enough for my eyeliner to dry and it ends up at the top of my eyelids, to avoid this wait a few minutes for the liquid to set. 

Mascara- Maybelline New York, The Rocket Volum' Express £7.99
I have purchased alot of mascaras in the past trying to find the 'right one' for me and this is the closest mascara I could find. The wand is fab and it add volume to my lashes. It dries pretty quickly and doesn't give me any clumps or smudges. It can create a dramatic look or a simple look depending on how many layers/coats you apply.However it is quite hard to take the mascara off even with a make-up wipe it goes flaky and leaves clumps. 

Lipstick- Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Finish (107)  £5.49
I love this lipstick so much! The deep berry red matte finish is fabulous for a night out. As the lipstick is matte I put lipbalm on before applying it to my lips. This product is very long lasting even after you've eaten, it smells so lovely which is a bonus. The packaging of the product is fierce and very eye catching, the only bad thing I could say about this lipstick is that it does leave your lips feeling dry after usage. But all in all a good investment for what it is worth.

Eyebrow Pencil- MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit £2.00 ish
All-In-One Shape, Shade & Highlight.
This product got recommended to me by a friend a few months back and I can honestly say it is one of the best beauty products I have ever bought. The eyebrow kit contains eyebrow tweezers, an eyebrow brush and a colour palette. I would recommend this product to beginners who want nice brows for a cheap price. The brown (brow) colour does last a long time but can be tricky to apply unless you know what you're doing, it has came off in the rain before but I normally put quite a few layers on just in case.

These are the M.A.C brushes that I use to apply my everyday makeup, above them are the products I use daily. The brush beneath my eyebrow kit is usually used for applying lipgloss/lipstick however I found it more useful to use for my brows. It is so important to clean your brushes once a week because bacteria can build up and cause all types of skin problems such as acne and clogged up pones. 

This is what my everyday makeup looks like.

Hope you are all well, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it means alot.

Leah x


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