Hello everyone! Firstly, I would like to apologise for my lack of blog posts for the past month or so; to say that I have been busy is probably an understatement. I have recently started a new job so alot of my usual free time has been taken up with that! 

Today, I am going to be showing you some of the cheapest beauty products that I have found on Ebay over the past week. 

This is a Beauty blender that I found on Ebay for £1.95; which I think is amazing because when you compare the price of this Beauty blender to say Real techniques which is £5.99 or to Beauty blenders own make which is £16.00, you'll find that you found yourself a bargain. 

I will be using my beauty blender to blend in my foundation and also to highlight my under eyes.

These brushes came in a set of 10, and contain 5 foundation brushes. 

1. Angled Kabuki Brush - Buffs bronzer or blusher onto the skin
2. Round Kabuki Brush - Blends mineralised powders/products onto the skin
3. Tapered Kabuki Brush- Blends foundation onto 'hard to reach' contours of the face
     4. Flat Angled Kabuki Brush - Good for concealing 'hard to reach' areas of the skin
5. Flat Kabuki Brush - Use on flat areas of the face e.g. forehead or cheeks with liquid foundation

Although it says in the description box on Ebay that these products should be used for eyeliner,
 I think that I will find better use out of them for concealing and highlighting my under eyes; and I will probably use the thinnest brush for blending/contouring my eye shadow.

The whole brush set of 10, came to £4.99!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw them on Ebay. 
I thought to myself ......'Hmm whats the catch here..maybe its from another country'' but when I checked the location it said Manchester. 

Now the brushes came in a range of different colours; black & silver, black & gold, white & gold, pink & silver, pink & gold and blue and silver. 

I decided on the black and silver because I thought they looked so classy and very similar to the Sigma brushes. The only difference being that these brushes are a fraction of the price.

I think that these brushes are great for beginners just starting out with make-up, or for individuals (like myself) who just like experimenting with make-up and trying out loads of different looks. 

I will be displaying the brush sets in these cute little candle holders which I picked up several months ago from B&M bargains.

I have heard so many different things about Pilaten's Black Head Pore Strip, that I decided to just buy them and make a decision for myself! I bought 5 strips on Ebay for £3.39 which is really inexpensive. For anyone who doesn't know how these strips work, basically you apply a thin even layer over the top of your nose and wherever else you have black heads on your skin. You leave the solution on for 10-15 minutes and after you peel it off; just like a face mask!.

 I will be dedicating a whole blog post to reviewing all of these products and many more so stay tuned for that guys! 

Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you all enjoyed my cheap Ebay finds, comment below if you have any cheap Ebay finds that you would like to share. I'd love to hear them :)

Love you all

Leah x


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