Hello everyone, today I have a 'night out inspired makeup look' that I wanted to share with you all. I was experimenting with a few new products and managed to find a look that I really liked, I will post all of the products that I have used below and will show the final result at the end.

After I have moisturized my face, I go ahead and grab my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I'm not a big fan of this primer because I notice that most of my foundation still comes off throughout the day, However I have lately been borrowing my sister's Smashbox Primer which I have noticed is alot better because my foundation stays on for alot longer. After I have primed my face I use my Under Eye Primer by Elf. I have only used this product a handful of times so I can't really judge whether its working or not. Last of all I prime my eyelids to ensure that my eyeshadow stays on. I use Elf's Two in one Eye Primer and Liner Sealer to do this.

I use No7's concealer in the shade : Warm beige, as a base for my foundation and under eyes. The texture of the concealer is very powdery so for this reason I also use Max Factors Master touch under eye concealer (in the shade: Beige 309) to highlight my under eyes. I have re-purchased both items many times and would recommend them to people who suffer from blemishes because they work really well together to disguise them. After this I take my No7 Stay Perfect Foundation and blend it into my face; my skin tone is practically identical to this shade so it works well. I use Mac's Studio Fix Foundation to add colour to my face. I really like that the MAC foundation is matte instead of dewy because I adore the whole 'flawless' look which it gives.
I used Elf's Tantalizing Taupe Eyeshadow to create a 'Smoky eye look'. I have only used this eyeshadow palette once (today) and from following the instructions on the back of the box I can honestly say that I love this palette!. The colours are easy to blend and all compliment eachother well. 

I have been using Elf's Eyebrow Kit for quite some time now and couldn't recommend it any higher. This brow kit is so inexpensive and yet transforms bushy brows into sleek on fleek brows haha. It is a common fact that I have never really had the best eyebrows, but from using this kit it has made grooming my brows alot easier. 
I line my top lash line with Loreal Paris's Super Liner and line my lower lash line with Rimmel London's Precision Eye Liner Pencil. I am sure that they're better alternatives to eyeliners in high street shores but for the time being I will continue with using both of them because they do wonders when trying to create a 'cat eye' look.

Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara is my favourite mascara to date! It volumizes my lashes whilst making them look fuller and separated. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. On days that I am going out somewhere nice; I will go over my lashes with Rimmel London's Wonderfull Mascara. This works wonders on my lower lashes, making them appear long and seperated. 

I use my Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus before I do my mascara to lenghten my lashes; this makes it less likely that they will get clumpy. On my lower lashes I use No 7's Lash Impact Intense Volume Control Mascara to give my lashes a bold look. 

I used Elf's False Eyelashes to draw more emphasis to my eyes. ( I used the bottom lashes in the pack). This is the first time that I have used these lashes and I would 100% use them again because the application was easy, it came with glue and it took less than 5 minutes to put both on. 

Note to self: I measured the lashes against my own before I applied them, unfortunately they were too big so I had to cut them down. After this I put glue on each lash line and waited for it to go tacky (around 30 seconds) then I applied the false lashes using tweezers. 

Finally, I selected my favourite lipstick No7's Stay Perfect Lipstick (in the shade 'Raspberry Blush').

Left to Right: MAC'S Concealer Brush, Real Technique's Foundation Brush, Real Techniques Foundation Brush, Real Techniques Powder/Bronzer Brush, an Eyeshadow Brush and an Eyebrow Brush. 

The finished look. 

Thank you all so much for reading my blogposts, I know I don't post alot but it means alot knowing that some people will see this!

I can't promise that I will be posting alot of blog posts soon because I am over run with college exams; however I will try to do as many as I can when I have the time. I am still in the process of experimenting with makeup and hope to get better and better at it, if I find a particular look that I like or enjoy creating then I will write a blog post on it and share it with you guys.

Love you all

Leah x


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