MAC lipsticks review

Hello fashionistas! 

Today I am going to be doing a review on my two favourite MAC lipsticks, I got these lipsticks as a christmas present from my grandma and I am totally obsessed.

Hollywood Nights 

This hot pink shade is eye catching and perfect for the summer, it works well with any outfit. I would wear this shade on a night out; however I would say that it is suitable for everyday use.
I believe it was £15.00 from Debenhams which is quite expensive but it is sooo worth it!! Highly pigmented, the lipstick stays on all day - you do not need to re-apply throughout the day. 
Personally I am not a massive fan of fuschia/magenta lipsticks purely because I do not think they suit my skin tone very well. To avoid my lips looking too bright I get a little bit of tissue and dab my lips gently to take off some of the colour. After I normally put on a pink lip plumper just to add gloss to my lips. In the image I have not used pink lip plumper but I have taken some of the colour off with tissue, the lipstick may appear brighter in person. 

You may want to use a brush to apply this lipstick to make sure that it doesn't smudge and ruin your look.

Frost Lame AA0

This pinky/brown shade is perfect for any skintone, I personally LOVE this colour because I can wear it with any outfit. It is an everyday colour and I think that every girl should have this lipstick in their makeup bag!!. This lipstick retails at £15.00 and lasts forever, seriously you won't need to buy another one for a good couple of months. You do not need to put a lipgloss over the top of this because it is a subtle shade. I recommend applying this lipstick with a brush to ensure consistency and full coverage. 

Hope you are all well, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it means alot.

Leah x


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